Valentines Day Cards Value Pack

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Valentine cards are 5" x 7" and come with white envelopes. Printed in USA.

Set of 12

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Card Sentiments:

1. Front: Love and kisses!
    Inside: Happy Valentine's Day XOXO

2. Front: On Valentine's Day, you may be far away...
    Inside: ...but you're near to my heart!

3. Front: Love blooms.
    Inside: And it does so beautifully in a heart like yours. Happy Valentine's Day

4. Front: Love is bloomin'!
    Inside: Happy Valentine's Day

5. Front: Happy Valentine's Day
    Inside: to you!

6. Front: LUV YOU
    Inside: Life is so much sweeter with you in it. Happy Valentine's Day

7. Front: Sending a little love your way...
    Inside: ...this Happy Valentine's Day.

8. Front: Take PAWS and note...
    Inside: You make my heart happy! Happy Valentine's Day

9. Front: Happy Valentine's Day
    Inside: Hope it's extra special!

10. Front: To: Someone Very Special
      Inside: A great BIG wish for a Happy Valentine's Day XOXOXO

11. Front: For each heart you've touched, for each life you've made better.
      Inside: You're wished all the love this day can hold. Happy Valentine's Day

12. Front: Happy Valentine's Day
      Inside: someone who makes my heart happy!

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