About Us

Current® began in 1950 at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs at the home of Orin and Miriam Loo. Orin, an artist and printer, owned a small publishing business, and Miriam thought the postcards he produced would make a good fundraising product. Miriam began a mail-order campaign to 500 ministers, asking if their church groups would sell the postcards. Her campaign was a great success, and soon the family began producing a full catalog of beautifully designed greeting cards, recipe cards and other paper products.

Today, Current is a direct marketing company with more than 13,000 products and millions of customers. Yet the company continues to maintain its family-friendly feeling.

Current products are sold directly to consumers who enjoy keeping in touch with their family and friends. We are your best source for unique, thoughtful, affordable gifts, warmhearted greeting cards for everyone, and the thickest, peek-proof gift wrap around. We offer products that are perfect to keep on hand, so you’ll always be prepared for any special occasion and event. We invite you to start stocking your “Current closet” today!

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6765 Campus Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Internet: www.CurrentCatalog.com
Phone Orders: Toll free 1-800-848-2848
Customer Service: Toll free 1-800-525-7170