Easter Card Value Pack


Value packs make it easy to be prepared for friends' and family, we have just the cards for all your needs. And how convenient to have the perfect card on hand! Greeting cards are 5" x 7" and come with white envelopes. Printed in the USA.

Set of 12

Please see "More Info" for card sentiments

Card Sentiments:

1. Front: Happy Easter
    Inside: This Easter, may all good things be yours to enjoy. Have a Wonderful

2. Front: Eggs Chocolate Bunnies Easter Baskets
    Inside: Sending a little wish for a day of great joy! Happy Easter

3. Front: Easter blooms in our hearts...
    Inside: ...and brings with it thoughts of loved ones like you.

4. Front: Easter's Here
    Inside: Thinking of bunnies, blossoms - and you! Have a Happy Easter

5. Front: Picture of chicks hatching out of eggs in an egg carton
    Inside: Happy Easter to you and your "peeps."

6. Front: Happy Easter
    Inside: Hope your basket is overflowing with goodies and your day is
    overflowing with happiness.

7. Front: Picture of a cartoon dog holding a basket of flowers
    Inside: Just a little wish for a day of great joy! Happy Easter

8. Front: Happy Easter!
    Inside: Hope a fun Easter comers your way!

9. Front: Happy Easter
    Inside: May you find the joy of Easter in every drop of morning dew, in every ray
    of sun, in every flower's fragrant scent, and in every new day.

10. Front: Picture of chick hatching from Easter egg
      Inside: Here's hoping this Easter is designed just for you. Happy Easter

11. Front: An Easter Wish
      Inside: Sending a wish your way for a happy Easter and a lovely spring.

12. Front: Thinking of you at Easter
      Inside: May the return of spring fill your heart with joy. Happy Easter

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