Suzy's Zoo® Birthday Cards Value Pack

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Suzy, Ollie and the Duckport gang send lighthearted birthday greetings in 10 designs.

  • Includes white envelopes
  • 5" x 7"
  • Cards are printed in the USA
  • Set of 20
  • 2 of each design

©Suzy Spafford. Licensed by Suzy's Zoo®, San Diego, CA USA

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Tiger with Present and Cake
Front: It's your birthday!
Inside: Cooool! Have a happy one!

Dogs and Cats
Front: Happy Birthday!
Inside: Hope your day is full of fun surprises!

Otter Holding Balloons
Front: Celebrate! Party! Fun! Happy Birthday!
Inside: Hope it's a big bunch of fun!

Suzy Ducken with Gift, Flowers and Balloons
Front: Go, Birthday Girl!
Inside: Hope your day is as full of fun as you are! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Pals Holding Balloons
Front: Happy Birthday!
Inside: Wishing you a day FULL of fun!

Suzy Ducken at Mailbox
Front: Happy Birthday!
Inside: Hope it's full of surprises!

Stacked Ice Cream Scoops and Cake
Front: Happy Birthday
Inside: Wishing you a big scoop of birthday happiness! (Make that ten scoops!)

Suzy Ducken with Candles
Front: Happiest wishes...
Inside: ...for the Happiest Birthday!

Suzy Ducken in Red Dress
Front: Birthday Girls...
Inside: ...have all the fun! Happy Birthday!

Dog with Balloons
Front: Hope your birthday...
Inside: you a lift!

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