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Get 24 pillow boxes for the price of 12!

If you’re like most of us, you’re always searching for the most exciting way to wrap a gift—because it’s all about the presentation! Our Stripes and Dots Foil Pillow Boxes, featured in 4 colorful designs, are a unique approach to gift presentation. These eye-catching red, green, gold, and silver pillow packaging boxes will make your gift stand out!

These one-of-a-kind foil pillow boxes are colorful and have two rounded flaps, or tabs on each end that easily fold inward on top of each other and are pushed down to pop the box into a pillow shape to secure it shut.

Pillow boxes have many uses. They are suitable for holding gift cards, chocolates, candies, small items, or other treats, creating a trendy, eye-catching look! Approximately 3 x 5” when constructed.

Set of 12 (3 each of red, green, gold, and silver)

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