Cupcake/Confetti Birthday Jumbo Rolled Gift Wrap


It’s time to help celebrate a birthday bonanza with a gift wrapped in quality, festive gift-wrapping paper! You’ve chosen the perfect gift you know they’ll love, picked a cheerful greeting card— now it’s time to select a festive birthday-themed gift-wrapping paper. Our colorful Birthday Confetti and fun Birthday Cupcake gift wraps kit provides two fantastic options to present your unique, personalized gift, ensuring their special day is epic.  

Our heavyweight, luxuriously thick paper is packaged in a continuous roll, so it won’t crease. Ribbon not included. Printed in the USA.

  • Peek-proof
  • Supersized to 23" x 32' - a whopping 61 sq. ft.
  • Wraps 19 shirt-sized boxes
  • Great for big gifts
  • Set of 2

Wrapping Paper Cutter (ITEM #: LITTLEELF).

Click here to purchase little elf wrapping paper cutter.

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