Broadly Funny Birthday Cards Value Pack

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Broadly funny and wildly unforgettable birthday cards celebrate your female friends and relatives in lighthearted style. Fun 5" x 7" cards for women take on friends, families, and aging with gentle humor. White envelopes included. Printed in the USA.

  • Set of 20 (2 of each)

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Woman on Treadmill
Front: We still chase our dreams—
Inside: —we just do it at a much slower pace! Happy Birthday

Robed Woman Holding Coffee
Front: My family knows not to speak to me until I've had my coffee.
Inside: Sometimes I don't have my first cup until dinner. Have a quiet, peaceful birthday!

Woman with Party Hat and Dog
Front: About 18 million people share your birthday.
Inside: And I didn't get them a present either. Hope your birthday is one in a million!

Woman with Chocolates
Front: If we are what we eat—
Inside: —we should be much sweeter, shouldn't we? Have a Sweet Birthday!

Woman in Yellow Chair
Front: Another birthday? Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.
Inside: What were we talking about again? Have a Good One!

Woman Holding Piece of Cake
Front: I wrestle with my weight.
Inside: Does that count as exercise? Have a diet-free birthday!

Woman with Pink Robe and Falling Out Curlers
Front: My husband calls me "Sexy Lady."
Inside: Who cares if it's because he forgot my name? Happy Birthday

Woman on Stool
Front: After a certain age, you start to lose friends.
Inside: They're not dead. You just can't remember where to find them. Happy Birthday

Woman with Pink Purse and Shoes
Front: You've given me great support over the years.
Inside: I wish I could find a bra like you. Happy Birthday

Woman with Six Pack
Front: It's only been a couple of years since I stopped getting carded—(Card me, PLEASE!)
Inside: —for the senior discount. Happy Birthday