Holidays & Events

Décor, Greeting Cards and Stationery for Holidays & Events

Holidays and events are a prominent piece of finding time to spend with your family and friends. These celebrations and special event planning are year-round occasions. Our holiday and events selection includes stylish decor and accents, greeting cards for every occasion, and personal stationery for special notes and letters. You can rely on our one-stop shop to help you plan all your special events, from Valentine’s Day through Christmas!

Current’s Christmas line is famous for peek-proof Christmas wrap and value-priced Christmas cards. Be assured you can find family-oriented greeting cards, address labels and décor for most any holiday or event including our top-selling Thanksgiving and Halloween cards, fun 4th of July décor, and even Easter bunnies and baskets for kids.

Birthdays are another specialty with a huge selection of birthday cards, stickers, wrapping paper and more. We can even help you celebrate other special occasions like weddings, graduations, and new babies with our value-priced cards, gifts and unique accents. Ensure your celebrations with family and friends are filled with fun and become the sweetest memories this year.