Glass Rainbow Color Nail Files Pack


Having the right tools for filing your nails is essential for keeping them looking their best! Our Glass Rainbow Color Nail File Pack includes 6 glass nail files that smooth out rough edges and are gentler than traditional emery or paper nail files—perfect for sensitive nails. 

While glass nail files have grit, they are gentle and create a clean, fabulous look! One of the coolest features of glass nail files is they don’t get dull and, with proper care, will last for a considerable amount of time! Keep these trending hygiene tools to yourself, or share them as a fun, thoughtful gift. Perfect to use at your next makeover party. 

Top-quality crystal glass permanently etched on both sides. Six, 6” nail files. One each of yellow, green, pink, red, purple, and blue. Includes protective sleeves to protect your handbag and nail files.


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