Teacup Friendship Greeting Cards Value Pack

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Value packs make it easy to be prepared for friends' and family, we have just the cards for all your needs. And how convenient to have the perfect card on hand! Greeting cards are 5" x 7" and come with white envelopes. Printed in the USA.

Set of 20 (2 each of 10 designs)

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Card Sentiments:

1. Front:  You and Me AND A CUP OF TEA...
    Inside: THE most perfect BLEND THAT ever could be!

2. Front: you are my cup of tea
    Inside: THANKS for BEING YOU.

3. Front: thinking of you
    Inside: PLEASE get well SOON!

4. Front: You are a tearrific friend!
    Inside: WARM, sweet, AND COMFORTING. 

5. Front: just have a cup of tea
    Inside: WITH A little TIME everything cools off. 

6. Front: a CUP OF tea with FRIENDS
    Inside: solves everything!

7. Front: Take life .1. CUP at a TIME
    Inside: MAY yours be FILLED WITH happiness. 

8. Front: I ♥ TEA
    Inside: and you! FEEL BETTER SPOON

9. Front: Friendship is a special BLEND of YOU AND ME. 
    Inside: NO ONE else quite measures up. 

10. Front: TEA is a CUP OF JOY
      Inside: BEST shared WITH A friend AS sweet AS you!