Happy Family Candy Bar Wrappers

Sized to fit around standard chocolate bars, these full-color 5 1/4" x 6" paper candy bar wrappers feature your family's faces and names (yes, even your pets'!) and whatever message you want, customized right into the design. Set of 18 secures with your own tape; candy bars not included.

Specify Icon(s)
Specify name for each Icon chosen, up to 20 characters and spaces each
Specify personalization or message, up to 36 characters and spaces

First, choose which icons you would like to use (they may be repeated). Then, click the "Add to Cart" button and enter the letter codes in the order you'd like them to appear. Please do not use spaces or commas between letters.

  • M=Mother
  • F=Father
  • B=Boy
  • G=Girl
  • I=Boy without hat
  • H=Boy with hat
  • O=One ponytail
  • T=Two pigtails
  • C=Cat
  • D=Dog

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