Floral Purse Hanger

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If you carry a purse, you know how frustrating it is not to have a place to hold it in restaurants, bars, the gym, or the office. Our Floral Purse Hanger conveniently and temporarily secures a purse or handbag to a table, sink, or armrest—most importantly keeps it off the floor!

Embellished with harmonious florals and charming butterflies, our purse hanger is a handy gadget that unfolds from a purse charm into a functional hook that is always there when needed. It’s easy to use. Unroll the arm, place the base on a flat surface, hang your purse to hold the hook in place, and watch how gravity works!

Purse hooks are a must-have item that keeps valuables within safe reach and may be used to hold -not only purses but strong enough to hold backpacks, computer bags, umbrellas, hats, jackets, and more!

Foldable and magnetic closure, easy to pack and store. 4” when hanging, 1 1/4” when folded. Holds up to 10-lbs.

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