Easter Cards Value Pack

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12 designs, 1 of each. 5" x 7". Cards come with white envelopes and are printed in USA.

Set of 12

Please see "More Info" for card sentiments

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Card Sentiments:

1. Front: Happy Easter
Inside: This Easter, may all good things be yours to enjoy. Have a Wonderful Holiday
2. Front: Eggs Chocolate Bunnies Easter Baskets
Inside: Sending a little wish for a day of great joy! Happy Easter
3. Front: Easter blooms in our hearts...
Inside: ...and brings with it thoughts of loved ones like you.
4. Front: Easter's Here
Inside: Thinking of bunnies, blossoms - and you! Have a Happy Easter
5. Front: Picture of chicks hatching out of eggs in an egg carton
Inside: Happy Easter to you and your "peeps."
6. Front: Happy Easter
Inside: Hope your basket is overflowing with goodies and your day is overflowing with happiness.
7. Front: Picture of a cartoon dog holding a basket of flowers
Inside: Just a little wish for a day of great joy! Happy Easter
8. Front: Happy Easter!
Inside: Hope a fun Easter comers your way!
9. Front: Happy Easter
Inside: May you find the joy of Easter in every drop of morning dew, in every ray of sun, in every flower's fragrant scent, and in every new day.
10. Front: Picture of chick hatching from Easter egg
Inside: Here's hoping this Easter is designed just for you. Happy Easter
11. Front: An Easter Wish
Inside: Sending a wish your way for a happy Easter and a lovely spring.
12. Front: Thinking of you at Easter
Inside: May the return of spring fill your heart with joy. Happy Easter

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