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Puppies & Kittens Birthday Value Pack

Item# CC610062
2 OR MORE: $8.49 each set

With charming pups and kitties, our adorable birthday cards elicit plenty of smiles. The canine and feline stars are certainly not shy about expressing themselves - with cheery and affectionate sentiments!

Envelopes included; 5 x 7".

Current® cards are printed in the USA.

  • Set of 20 (2 of each)


    1. Three puppies
    Front: Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
    Inside: Happy Birthday to you!

    2. Kitten in hammock
    Front: It's your birthday!
    Inside: Kick back, relax, and have a happy day!

    3. Kitten and puppy (with hearts)
    Front: Happy Birthday!
    Inside: If I had 9 lives, we'd be friends in every one of them. Enjoy Your Day.

    4. Two tan cocker puppies
    Front: I love that we have so much in common!
    Inside: Happy Birthday!

    5. Three kittens with bows
    Front: All dressed up...
    Inside: ...and ready to party! Happy Birthday

    6. Puppy and kitten (surprised)
    Front: Another year older?!
    Inside: Another year more adorable! Happy Birthday

    7. Two Yorkie puppies
    Front: So THAT'S what old looks like!
    Inside: Happy Birthday!

    8. One kitten
    Front: What would your birthday be like without a PARTY ANIMAL?
    Inside: Happy Birthday!

    9. One Papillion puppy
    Front: I couldn't do a thing with my hair, but I just had to come to your birthday party anyway!
    Inside: So where's the cake and ice cream?

    10. Two kittens
    Front: There's just something about you...
    Inside: ...that brings out the best in me! Happy Birthday

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