Customer Service
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Ordering & Shipping
1.Can I place my Internet order over the phone?
2.Do you accept international orders?
3.How can I find out the status of my order?
4.Is it possible to cancel or change my order once it has been submitted?
5.What is your return policy?
6.When can I expect to receive my order?
7.Will you provide me with confirmation of my order?
1.How can I locate all the items on my list from the catalog on your site?
2.How can I order a large quantity of your products?
3.What if I don't want personalization on a personalized item?
4.Why can't I find some of your catalog products on your Internet site?
Check Ordering
1.Can I have my phone number and driver's license printed on my personalized checks?
2.Do you work with foreign banks?
3.I've always had a custom message by my signature-it says, 'Money talks; mine says goodbye.' Can I still have that if I order personalized checks from you?
4.Is it OK to use personal checks I don't get from my bank?
5.My bank just gave me a new account number. Can I still order checks online?
6.Personal Check Quantities
7.What is the difference between single and duplicate personal checks?
8.What security features are on your personal checks?
9.When can I expect to receive my checks?
10.Why am I charged $1.50 when ordering personal checks by phone?
11.Will you ship outside of the USA?
12.Will you start my personalized checks with the number I want, or do I have to start with 1001?
Preferred Customers
1.How can I take advantage of my Preferred Customer benefits online?
1.How can I request a catalog?
2.How quickly can I expect to receive an answer to my emailed question?
3.What is a Wish List and how is it used?
4.Where are your Outlet Stores, and what are their hours?