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Pillow boxes are a perfect package for tiny treats! Set includes 2 designs. To/from on back. 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 4" after folding.

  • Set of 24; 12 of each design
  • $3.99
    Now: $0.99
    Label February gifts or create your own valentines in a jiffy with these die cut, 3 inch in Height, self-stick hearts in 2 colors.

  • Set of 48
  • $4.99
    Now: $4.00
    Gift bundle features 4 pads in hot and medium pink, all tied up with a raffia gift bow. Each pad contains 30 sheets and measures about 3-1/2" x 3-1/2".

  • Set of 8 (4 of each)
  • $3.49
    Each card makes a 5" pinwheel! Vivid red and pink cards include instructions and envelopes; you'll need pins and a straw or pencil for pinwheel handle.
    Now: $1.99
    Fashion fun for all her friends! Distinctive vinyl bracelets come on 1-1/2" x 9" long valentine strips that include to/from spaces. The recipient just peels off the groovy designed 1" x 8-1/2" bracelet on clear vinyl and moistens one end to seal it closed around her wrist. Printed in the USA.
    Now: $9.99
    Sparkling glass wreath brings a cheery glow to any room - just add sunlight! Features bright red and pink hearts and a metal hanging chain. 9" across.
    Now: $8.99
    Valentine treats never looked so sweet! Natural burlap bags are 5" in height with decorative silkscreened hearts in 3 designs, plus red buttons and a twine handle.
    Mike and Sully may be super fun monsters, but they're practical, too, including a standard #2 pencil with each of their Monsters University valentines! Matching pencils slide through diecut slots in valentines. Valentines are printed on one side and measure about 2-1/2" x 5" each (sizes may vary). Recommended for ages 3-11.
    Kids can pretend they're at the university with not-scary monsters Sully and Mike and the rest! Set contains 8 "monstrous" designs so kids can choose the perfect one for each classroom friend. Full-color valentines are printed on 1 side and come with sticker seals-just sign, fold, seal, and write recipient's name on the outside. Recommended for ages 3-11; about 2-1/2" x 4" each (sizes may vary).
    Now: $2.39
    Funny monkeys in 4 colors provide a sweet 2" treat on a stick. Great party favors or valentine treats!

  • Set of 12
  • Was: $3.49 - $3.49
    Now: $2.49 - $3.49
    Pretty 3-1/2 inch x 4-3/4 inch carousel horses feature diecut slots to hold a pencil (sold separately) or a lollipop, a licorice stick, candy in a straw, or a stick of gum!

  • Valentines (Set of 24; 1 design)

  • (SOLD SEPERATELY) Pencils (Set of 12; 1 design)
  • White 7 inch wood pencils (sold separately) have metallic red stripes and a white eraser; made in USA.

    Your friends can all be Hollywood divas with adorable puppy pets in their purses! Set includes 4 designs. Easy assembly. Envelopes included; 4" x 5".

  • Set of 24; 6 of each design