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Now: $6.99
Suzy, Ollie and the Duckport gang send lighthearted birthday greetings in 10 designs. White envelopes; 5" x 7".

  • Set of 20; 2 of each design

    Please see "More Info" box below for the card sentiments.

    © Suzy Spafford. Licensed by Suzy's Zoo®, San Diego, CA USA

  • $8.99
    This exquisite set of deluxe sympathy cards, many with foil accents, features beautiful embossing combined with delicate illustrations of nature and touching sentiments expressing your condolences. White envelopes. 5" x 7".

  • 16-card set; 2 of each design

    Card Sentiments:

    Front: Those who have given of themselves to others will live forever in every single heart they have touched.
    Inside: Sharing in your sorrow at the loss of someone so special.

    Front: With Sympathy
    Inside: Sending you love and healing thoughts now and in the days to come.

    Inside: Remembering your loved one with sympathy.

    Front: Sympathy is many hearts sharing one sorrow.
    Inside: May it help to know that others, too, feel your loss.

    Front: With Sympathy
    Inside: In the days ahead may you find peace in warm memories of the times past, and comfort in the good wishes of those who love and care for you.

    Inside: May it bring you comfort to know that others care and share this loss with you.

    Front: Please Know How Much We Care
    Inside: And that we're keeping you close at heart during this difficult time. With Deepest Sympathy

    Front: Thinking of You With Sympathy
    Inside: May memories build bridges your heart can cross whenever you're feeling sad.

  • $10.99
    Now: $6.99
    Share your gratitude for the birthday gifts, yard help, babysitting, the listening ear, and more. Blank-inside 4 inch x 6 inch note cards feature different looks for every occasion, and all come with envelopes.

    Current® cards are printed in the USA.

  • Set of 40 (4 of each)
  • $8.99
    For anyone feeling under the weather, our cheerful get well cards will provide a welcome boost. Inside, sincere sentiments convey your best wishes to the recipient. Envelopes are included in this convenient set of 5 inch x 7 inch cards that are printed in the USA.

    Please see "More Info" box below for the card sentiments.

  • Set of 20 (2 of each)
  • ©Vicky Howard

    Now: $6.99
    Organizer helps you remember important occasions throughout the year. List birthdays, anniversaries, and other events on the monthly pocket pages and place your cards (not included) inside. You can find the perfect card, file it in this organizer...and it's right at your fingertips when you need it! Spiral bound; 8 inches x 10 inches, closed.
    The right card helps you express your feelings to those who grieve. Everyone will appreciate your kind and caring words during difficult times. Huge set of 5 inch x 7 inch cards comes with envelopes.

  • Set of 40 (2 of each)
  • 1. Seacoast with two rocks
    Front: Thinking of You with Prayers and Sympathy
    Front Scripture: Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. 2 Thessalonians 3:16
    Inside: May you draw comfort from your memories...peace from your faith.

    2. White lily
    Front: With Heartfelt Sympathy
    Inside: Even in this time of sadness, may warm memories bring a smile. Thinking of You

    3. Fern and leaf prints
    Front: In Love and Sympathy
    Inside: May love and hope heal your heart in this season of sadness.

    4. Sun rays behind clouds
    Front: Beyond our reach, but not beyond our hearts.
    Inside: May the love of family and friends comfort you in this time of loss.

    5. Water and stacked pebbles
    Front: time does not erase what love created.
    Inside: Thinking of You With Heartfelt Sympathy

    6. White and pink bouquet in clear vase
    Front: Tears are messengers' of unspeakable love.
    Inside: Our Sincere Sympathy

    7. White lily of the valley
    Front: There are no goodbyes..we remain in each other's hearts.
    Inside: There is comfort in friendship, hope in prayer, peace in love. Sharing In Your Sorrow

    8. Sun rays through the forest
    Front: In time, you will know peace in the quiet of your heart.
    Inside: You are in our thoughts and in our prayers. With Heartfelt Sympathy

    9. Hillside fields at dawn
    Front: Keeping you close at heart
    Inside: ...during this difficult time. With Love And Sympathy

    10. Dock on blue
    Front: in the quiet of your heart, with time, you will know peace.
    Inside: Sincerely Sorry For Your Loss

    The rest of the sentiments are shown in the "More Info" box below .

    Now: $5.99
    From floral bouquets to nature scenes, share words of comfort and understanding with the recipients of our beautiful 5 inch x 7 inch sympathy cards. At a time when the right words mean so much, you'll be glad you have this set on hand! Envelopes included.

    Current® cards are printed in the USA.

  • Set of 20 (2 of each)
  • Please see "More Info" box below for the card sentiments.

    Now: $4.99
    Set includes cards for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more, all in Mary's charming style. White envelopes; 5" x 7".

  • 12-card set; 1 of each design

    Please see "More Info" box below for the card sentiments.

    © 2014 Mary Engelbreit Studios, Inc.

  • $8.99
    Now: $6.99
    A birthday, anniversary, loss, or illness-there's always a need for cards with faith-inspired words. Each 5 inch x 7 inch card in the set includes a Scripture quotation, and all come with envelopes.

    Current® cards are printed in the USA.

  • Set of 20 (2 of each)
  • Card Sentiments:

    1. Illustrated butterflies and flowers, blue sky
    Front: You're on my mind
    Inside: ...and in my heart.
    Scripture: The Lord watches over all who love Him. PSALM 145:20 NIV

    2. Illustrated butterflies and flowers, yellow sky
    Front: Just a note to send you cheer
    Inside: ...and to say you're thought of today.
    Scripture: The joy of the Lord is your strength. NEHEMIAH 8:10

    3. Photo of blue hydrangeas in clear vase
    Front: Warm Wishes
    Inside: Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon.
    Scripture: I pray that God will help you overflow with hope in Him. ROMANS 15:13 TLB

    4. Photo of pink, lavender, and white flowers
    Front: Sending You a Wish
    Inside: May your day be filled with sunshine, smiles, and the ones you hold most dear!
    Scripture: Be happy...and let your heart give you joy. ECCLESIASTES 11:9 NIV

    5. Rocky seacoast with lighthouse
    Front: With Love and Sympathy
    Front Scripture: Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you. PSALM 55:22
    Inside: We want you to know you are not alone-our hearts, our prayers, and our love are with you.
    Inside Scripture: The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart. PSALM 34:18 KJV

    Please see "More Info" box below for the rest of the sentiments.

    Now: $5.99
    Keep this versatile collection on hand to celebrate those special moments and encourage the people you hold dear. Get sympathy, anniversary, get well, wedding, baby, and congratulations cards with white envelopes. 5" x 7".

  • Set of 20 (2 of each)
  • Please see "More Info" box below for the card sentiments.

    Be prepared to send flowers or a smiling face – on a quality greeting card! – to an ailing friend. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated. White envelopes; 5" x 7". Printed in the USA.

  • Set of 20; 2 of each design

  • $4.99
    Now: $1.99
    Adorable illustrated cards celebrate the innocence newborns bring to our world. Charming sentiments convey your congratulations and love. Cards are 5" x 7" and come with canary envelopes.

  • Set of 8 (2 of each)

  • Sentiments
    1) hold in your arms for now, to hold in your heart forever.
    2) have someone sweet and new. Congratulations!
    3) ...that change your life in the biggest way. Congratulations!
    4) Congratulations on the arrival of your small wonder.
    Imaginative, neon-colored artwork is perfect for young and old alike. Send bright and upbeat birthday cards to anyone celebrating his or her special day. 5" x 7"; white envelopes.

  • Set of 20 (2 of each)

  • ©Vicky Howard


    Front: Blow them out, Have some cake, Celebrate. Happy Birthday
    Inside: Happy Birthday to you!

    Front: Happy Birthday
    Inside: Wishing you a day filled with happiness!

    Front: Happy Birthday!
    Inside: Treat yourself to a wonderful day!

    Front: Happy Birthday
    Inside: Hope it’s the happiest one ever!

    Front: Happy Birthday Wishes
    Inside: Make a wish and have a happy day!

    Front: Happy Birthday
    Inside: Hope it’s terrific!

    Front: Happy Birthday to you
    Inside: It’s your s pecial day! Have a wonderful birthday.

    Front: Celebrate. Happy Birthday!
    Inside: Here’s to a wonderful year ahead!

    Front: Happy Birthday
    Inside: Celebrating the birthday of someone special – YOU!

    Front: Have a sweet birthday
    Inside: Here’s hoping all your wishes come true!

    Now: $6.99
    Send birthday wishes that guarantee a smile from every recipient! White envelopes; 5" x 7". Printed in the USA.

  • Set of 16; 2 of each design

    © 2014 Mary Engelbreit Studios, Inc.

  • $8.99
    With charming pups and kitties, our adorable birthday cards elicit plenty of smiles. The canine and feline stars are certainly not shy about expressing themselves - with cheery and affectionate sentiments!

    Envelopes included; 5 x 7".

    Current® cards are printed in the USA.

  • Set of 20 (2 of each)
  • $8.99
    Now: $4.49
    Make-you-smile birthday designs at make-you-smile prices! Contemporary designs and messages are perfect for everyone. White envelopes; 4 1/8" x 6 1/8".

  • Set of 20; 2 of each design

    Front: Just to let you know... .
    Inside: world is a little sweeter because of you! Happy Birthday

    Front: Candles...
    Inside: ...were made for wishes. Hope yours come true.

    Front: Hooray!
    Inside: It's Happy Presents Day! Have Fun!

    Front: Hoping a beautiful day comes your way!
    Inside: Happy Birthday

    Front: Wishing you the complete package...
    Inside:, laughs, and happiness always! Happy Birthday

    Front: Whee!
    Inside: Let the good times carry you away! Happy Birthday

    Front: Happy! Happy!
    Inside: Birthday!...Birthday!

    Front: Thinking of You
    Inside: And wishing you a day to sing about! Happy Birthday

    Front: Happy Birthday
    Inside: Hope you have a happy one!

    Front: Hoping there are lots of happy moments in your day!
    Inside: Have a great birthday.
  • $6.99
    Now: $4.99
    Say thank you in so many different ways with this set of blank-inside note cards. White envelopes; 4 1/8" x 6 1/8".

  • Set of 16; 2 of each design
  • $8.99
    Super bright cards with big birthday designs leave no mistake about your wishes for the special birthday person! Great to have on hand for men, women and children. Gold envelopes; 5" x 7".

  • Set of 20; 2 of each design

    © Sharla Fults Design
  • $8.99
    Now: $6.99
    When friends' and family members' anniversaries roll around, you'll have cards that are warm, tender, even a bit whimsical to choose from. Celebrating special couples with a beautiful card and your special words is a snap with our 5 inch x 7 inch cards. Envelopes included.

    Current® cards are printed in the USA.

  • Set of 20 (2 of each)
  • Please see "More Info" box below for the card sentiments.

    Was: $5.99 - $7.99
    Now: $2.99 - $3.99
    Decorate the front and print your own sentiments inside to create one-of-a-kind handmade cards. High-quality, pure white cards are ready to be made uniquely yours! Each size comes in a set of 50.

    Choose from:
  • Note Cards, 4 1/8" x 6 1/8"
  • Greeting Cards, 5" x 7"

    Sold separately, Envelope Value Packs include 10 each of
    5 pastel colors: blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow.