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Angel figure sparkles in clear and frosted glass. Holidng a star, ornament is
2 1/2" diameter and 4" tall with an elegant bell-shaped skirt. Includes silver hanging string.
Now: $3.49
The sweetest ornaments! Felt 3" x 3" owl is a cheery package tie-on or "little something" gift, too! Just add your candy canes (not included).

  • Set of 8 (1 design)
  • $5.99
    Now: $1.79
    With 3-D carrot noses and spiral arms, these metal snow people add winter decorating panache to your holiday tree, mantel, or centerpiece. Pink and blue ornaments each have metal hanging hook; 3-3/4" x 5-3/4" wide.
    Now: $5.99
    Jeweltone glass owls add a brilliant note to your tree, mantel, or dining table. Gold hanging strings. 6 colors; 1 1/2" across and 2" tall.

  • Set of 6; 1 of each color
  • $14.99
    Now: $9.99
    Celebrate this year with a family-themed keepsake! Crafted of polyresin and handlettered. Largest family size is 2-3/4" x 5" W.

  • Specify family name up to 18 characters and 2-6 family member's names up to 8 characters each.
  • $14.99
    Whimsical handpainted resin ornament captures all your family in mid-smile! About 3" x 5" (depending on family size).

    Choose from:
    • A = 3 Faces
    • B = 4 Faces
    • C = 5 Faces
    • D = 6 Faces
    • E = 7 Faces
    • F = 8 Faces

    Specify message up to 2 lines, up to 12 characters and spaces per line
    Specify from 3 to 8 names (from left to right), up to 8 characters and spaces per name

    Note: Year is not preprinted.

    You'll be dreaming of a white Christmas for everyone you give this ornament to for the holidays. Fun resin ornament includes 2 adults and your choice of 1 to 5 children. Largest family is 3-1/2" x 3-3/4".

    Choose from:
    • A= 2 Adults, 1 Child
    • B = 2 Adults, 2 Children
    • C = 2 Adults, 3 Children
    • D = 2 Adults, 4 Children
    • E = 2 Adults, 5 Children

    Specify 2 names for adults, up to 8 characters and spaces each
    Specify 1 to 5 names for child(ren), up to 8 characters and spaces each
    Specify family name or message up to 2 lines, up to 10 characters and spaces each

    Nostalgic! Crafted of polyresin and handlettered.
    Largest family size, 2-3/4" x 5" W.
    • Specify family name up to 18 characters
    • 4-digit year
    • 3-7 family member's names up to 8 characters each.
    Show off your family wisely, with a wide-eyed Christmas owl representing each one, on a branch that bears your family name! Largest family size is about 3/4"x 4" x 4".

    Specify 2-9 owls with names
    • 2 names
    • 3 names
    • 4 names
    • 5 names
    • 6 names
    • 7 names
    • 8 names
    • 9 names
    Move over Rudolph and pals. Our reindeer family ornament is sure to get top billing on the holiday tree. Hand lettered resin; 2-3/4" x 4-1/2".

    Choose from:
    • A = 2 Reindeer
    • B = 3 Reindeer
    • C = 4 Reindeer
    • D = 5 Reindeer
    • E = 6 Reindeer
    Specify reindeer names up to 8 characters each
    Specify name or message for banner, up to 14 characters.
    "Christmas 2014" is not preprinted
    Resin 3" x 3" ornament is personalized to make a fun wedding gift!

    • Specify names up to 20 characters
    • date up to 12 characters
    • and year up to 4 characters.
    Commemorate 2014 as a golden year! Not just for Christmas, ornament is a treasured keepsake for graduation, wedding, birthday, or baby shower. Polyresin, 5"H. 9th in the collectible series.

    ©Susan Lordi
    Celebrate your holiday family with the perfect keepsake—an ornament that depicts each family member snowman-style and heir name! A thoughtful gift, your 3 1/4" gold-capped coated-porcelain ornament is personalized as you choose.

    Specify Family Icons (Snowmen).
    Specify family name, up to 18 characters and spaces.
    Specify name for each icon chosen, up to 8 characters and spaces each.

    Note: "Snowy Season's Greetings" and Current year is pre-printed on the ornament.

    Enter the letter codes in the order you'd like them to appear (from left to right) in the "Family Icons" box on the personalization screen. Please do not use spaces or commas between letters.

    • F = Father
    • M = Mother
    • G = Girl
    • B = Boy
    • I = Infant
    • D = Dog
    • C = Cat
    Every tree should have the “reason for the season” displayed among its branches. Crafted of lead-free pewter, stunning nativity is a beautiful display for yours. Nativity is 2" x 2"; comes with red hanging ribbon.
    Commemorate those relationships that mean so much to you! Gold-accented glazed white ceramic ornament celebrates a special bond among 3 friends or sisters. Ornament measures about 2" x 3 1/4" x 4 3/4".

    Specify 3 names, up to 12 characters and spaces each

    Raise a mug to the sweetest family! Hand-lettered; 3 x 4-1/2"; resin.
    • Specify up to 10 individual's names up to 8 characters each.
    • Speciy family name, up to 18 characters.
    • Specify 4-digit year.
    Handlettered, ready-for-Santa ornament features a glittery wreath accent and ribbon hanger. Resin; 3 3/8" x 4".

    Choose from:

    • A = 3 Stockings
    • B = 4 Stockings
    • C = 5 Stockings
    • D = 6 Stockings
    Specify family name, up to 18 characters and spaces
    Specify 3-6 names, up to 8 characters and spaces each

    Now: $8.99
    Beautiful metal memorial with ribbon hanger holds your 1-1/2" photo, is engraved with "We Miss You!", and includes a message card. 4-1/2"L.
    Portray your family or co-workers in the merriest way! Festive 3-dimensional ornament is crafted of sturdy resin, glitters with shimmery sparkles, hangs from a satiny ribbon, and is hand lettered with the family name (or department)
    and names you specify. Largest is 6" tall.

    Choose from:
  • A = 2 Snowmen
  • B = 3 Snowmen
  • C = 4 Snowmen
  • D = 5 Snowmen
  • E = 6 Snowmen
  • F = 7 Snowmen
  • G = 8 Snowmen

  • Specify family (or department) name, up to 16 characters and spaces
    Specify 2 to 8 names (from left to right), up to 10 characters and spaces each

    A sparkling treasure for a brilliant romance! Hand-lettered; 3-1/4" x 4"; resin. "Snow in Love" is pre-printed.

    • Specify name up to 8 characters per heart.
    • Specify 4-digit year.
    Adorably cute right down to the eyelashes and sweet smiles, our resin Santa cap ornament stars your family, each family member in his or her own Santa cap. Makes a cherished gift for other family and friends, too. Hand lettered; 2 3/4" x 5".

    Choose from:
    • A = 3 Heads
    • B = 4 Heads
    • C = 5 Heads
    • D = 6 Heads
    • E = 7 Heads

    Specify names for hats, up to 8 characters each
    Specify a 4-digit year for the banner.
    Catch Santa in the jolly act! Crafted of polyresin and hand lettered. Largest family is 2-3/4" x 5" W.

    Specify 2-7 family member's names up to 8 characters each.
    Mini bag/ornament includes tag. Single bag; polyester; 2 1/2 x 4".
    Your family is shown in mid-smile! Order several of this expressive ornament for your parents, siblings, and extended family and bring on the grins.
    Resin; 3-1/2" x 4".

    Choose from:
    • A = 2 Faces
    • B = 3 Faces
    • C = 4 Faces
    • D = 5 Faces
    • E = 6 Faces

    Specify family name or message, up to 12 characters and spaces
    Specify 2-6 names, up to 8 characters and spaces each

    Now: $5.49
    Inspirational ornaments are designed with a little something extra for loved ones. I Said A Prayer ornament features a prayer imprinted on the back. Candy Cane ornament is imprinted with the candy cane legend. Each boxed 33/4"H ornament comes with ribbon, ready to hang.

    Choose from:

  • Legend of the Candy Cane
    A candy maker found a way To share the joy of Christmas Day. He found that he could best explain His message with a Candy Cane. He painted it with stripes of red To represent the blood Christ shed; The white to show His purity And Mary’s own virginity. He shaped the sweet into a J, Then turned it round the other way And it became a shepherd’s staff, Of one who died on our behalf. So when you see this Christmas treat Whose message is as true as sweet, Take a moment to explain The Legend of the Candy Cane.

  • I Said a Prayer
    I said a prayer for you, as Christmas Day drew near, that God would bless you richly throughout the coming year. I did not ask for Him to send you gifts of worldly wealth; but prayed that He would fill your life with peace and joy and health. I asked that you would know His love; be comforted in strife, seek wisdom and His guidance, and have abundant life. God sent His Son at Christmas, that happiest of days, and most of all I pray that you will walk with Him always.
  • $14.99
    A keepsake she’ll treasure forever! Glass globe is 3-1/4" across.

    Specify 2–7 first names, up to 8 characters each.

    2 Names 3 Names
    Resin ornament is a beautiful and exclusive tribute to that special bond between sisters and friends! A unique treasure, this colorful and heartwarming ornament measures 4-1/2" x 4-1/2".

    Choose from:

  • 2 Names
  • 3 Names
  • $14.99
    A treasured little gift for friends or neighbors! Laser-engraved; 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 "; resin.
    • Specify family names, up to 10 characters for each house.

    • Specify 4-digit year.
    A great idea for holiday decorating or gift giving, each 1-1/4" x 2-1/2" bulb in this set of 8 colors has a golden hanger. Tree is not included.

    • Set of 8 (1 of each color)
    Your hardworking graduate deserves recognition with a personalized ornament! Applaud the success of your grad for achieving an incredible life milestone. Resin; 3" x 3 1/2".

    Specify 1 line, up to 24 characters and spaces
    Specify 4-digit year

    2 Names 4 Names 5 Names
    The stockings are hung by the chimney with care in our glittered resin ornament. About 3 1/4" wide.

    Choose from:
  • A = 2 names
  • B = 3 names
  • C = 4 names
  • D = 5 names (Sold Out)
  • E = 6 names

    Note: "Christmas" is preprinted.

    Specify up to 6 names, up to 10 characters and spaces each.

  • $14.99
    Snowy friends make great gifts! 3" x 6-1/2"H in assorted designs,
    ~ let us choose for you.
    • Specify up to 3 lines, up to 14 characters each.
    Cat Dog
    An endearing ornament for pet lovers! Laser-engraved; wood.

    Choose from:
    • Cat - 3 x 4 1/2"
    • Dog - 4 1/4 x 4 1/4"

    Specify pet’s name up to 10 characters, and 2nd line up to 12 characters.
    To be sure, in the Emerald Isle Santa wears green, with a snappy green bowler hat, tailcoat, and vest! Detailed resin ornament is 3" x 3 1/2", and we'll personalize the shamrock for you. Hanging string included. A fun gift for anyone, Irish or not!

  • Specify up to 10 characters.
  • $10.99
    Now: $3.99
    Whimsical 2 x 5" pod is crafted of sturdy resin for lasting beauty. A fun tree decoration, package tie-on, or gift.
    4 Faces 6 Faces
    Cozy and clever, our mitten family ornament makes a keepsake for your family and a much-appreciated gift. Hand lettered resin; 2 3/4" x 4 1/2".
    Choose from:
  • A = 2 Heads (Sold out)
  • B = 3 Heads (Sold out)
  • C = 4 Heads
  • D = 5 Heads (Sold out)
  • E = 6 Heads

  • Specify names for hats, up to 8 characters each
    Specify family name or message for bottom of mitten, up to 12 characters
    The perfect holiday gift for your favorite music aficionado! Authentically detailed guitar is crafted of lacquered wood and even sports real strings. 1/2" x 2" x 5 1/2"; includes a gold cord hanger.

    Specify up to 8 characters and spaces
    Beautifully pristine with a nostalgic charm, our ceramic mitten with knitted-look detail is 3 1/2" x 4".

    Specify 1 name up to 12 characters.
    A sweet way to send Grandma & Grandpa holiday love! Crafted of polyresin and handlettered. Largest family is 2-3/4" x 5" W.

    Specify family name up to 18 characters, 4-digit year, and 2-8 family member's names up to 8 characters each.
    Thank your favorite teacher this Christmas with a handlettered resin ornament! 1/2 x 2 1/4 x 4"; red hanging ribbon included.

    Specify name or message up to 16 characters
    For the merriest Chris-moose ornament ever, choose this one! Made of glossy-finish resin with glittery accents, 4" x 4" ornament includes satin hanging ribbon and is handlettered just for you.

    Choose from:
  • A = 2 Moose
  • B = 3 Moose
  • C = 4 Moose
  • D = 5 Moose
  • E = 6 Moose

  • Specify 2-6 names, up to 8 characters and spaces each

    Saddle up some holiday cheer for your favorite horse lover. Handpainted resin ornament measures 2 3/4" x 3".

    Specify name, up to 8 characters and spaces and a 4 character year

    Written by you! Add your message and create a keepsake treasure! A blank slate just waiting for your words. Wood, 3 x 4".

    Specify up to 4 lines, up to 12 characters each.
    Adorable green glass ice skate features a real fabric fur top and a silvery metal blade. 1 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 3 1/4" with gold hanging string. Personalization not available.
    Glazed white ceramic ornament with gold accents makes a perfect gift to celebrate any anniversary. 4" Tall

    Specify bride's name, up to 12 characters and spaces
    Specify "and" or "&", up to 3 characters
    Specify groom's name, up to 12 characters and spaces
    Specify date, up to 20 characters and spaces

    Green Red
    In your own words! Add just the message you want to these painted wooden ornaments for a unique keepsake; 4x4".

    Choose from:
  • Red
  • Green

    Specify 4 lines up to 18 characters each.
  • $9.99
    Ornaments are a whimsical way to identify an Easter basket and fun decorations, too. Crafted of glazed hardened clay, each handpainted 2" x 4" ornament comes with a red hanging cord. Specify up to 10 characters.
    A unique way to deck the halls, our stunning holly ornament is crafted of glossy-finish handpainted resin with a glittering holly berry accent and a red ribbon hanger. We'll handletter your family's names. Largest is 3 1/4" x 3 3/8".

    Choose from:
  • A = 3 Leaves (Sold Out)
  • B = 4 Leaves
  • C = 5 Leaves
  • D = 6 Leaves

  • Specify family name, up to 12 characters and spaces
    Specify 3-6 names, up to 6 characters and spaces each

    Shiny blown-glass flowers let you create a hanging garden that sparkles in any window. About 2 1/2 x 2 3/4 " each; silvery hanging strings included.

  • Set of 8 (2 of each color)
  • $9.99
    A holiday salute to our brave military, 3"-diameter plastic ornament becomes a treasured memento when personalized!

    Specify 2 lines up to 10 characters each.

    Specify 3-7 names up to 8 characters each. "Our Blended Family" is preprinted.
    Gorgeous opalescent handpainting highlights Elsa and Anna. Ivory porcelain. 4” tall.


    Now: $3.49
    A snowy white treasure for your tree or the tree of a friend! Ceramic bird on glass bell includes ribbon hanger; 2-1/4" x 4-1/2".
    Engraved with Luke 2:10, pewter-finish metal angel joyfully heralds the holy birth! 1-1/2" x 3" tall; ribbon hanger. ages 13+ .
    Now: $3.99
    Celebrate your faith with a pewter finished treasure! With glittery border and hanging ribbon. 2" diameter.
    Now: $3.49
    For something to tweet about, add brilliant Christmassy red cardinals to gift packages or tree! Glitter-wing, 3" x 3-3/4", felt cardinals come with white hanging cords.

    Set of 6

    Specify birth month and name up to 8 characters. 2-1/2" x 4".
    Now: $4.99
    This jolly set! Polymer ornaments are 2-1/2"H. each and include ribbon hanger.
    Upgrade to stylish silvery scrolled metal hooks; each, 1" x 1-3/4".

    Set of 80

    A departure from traditional Christmas colors, this brilliant design makes your notes really stand out. 60-sheet pad is 5" x 7".
    Sweeten up the look of your tree or gifts! Sparkle-frosted electroplated plastic cupcakes have silver hangers; 1-1/2" x 2"H.

  • Set of 6 (3 of each)
  • $14.99
    Big sister will grin with delight when she receives her very own personalized ornament! Sweet ornament will become a personal memento when we handletter it with the name you specify. Includes a satiny hanging ribbon. Measures about 3" x 3 1/2" H.

    Specify name, up to 10 characters and spaces

    At the touch of a button, this glittered 5" diameter ornament lights up and changes colors! Uses 3 button-cell batteries, included. Colors vary; we'll choose 1 for you.
    To the rescue for a holiday gift that is sure to be appreciated! Celebrate a vital profession with a colorful resin ornament, personalized just for the recipient! About 1 3/4" x 3 3/4".

    Specify 1 line, up to 8 characters and spaces

    Celebrate the traveling life with this personalized resin RV ornament. Whether you're on the road for the holidays or staying at home, everyone will be a happy camper with this fun ornament on the tree. About 2 1/4" x 4".

    Specify 1 line, up to 18 characters and spaces

    Now: $3.59
    Some birds of a feather flock together including these mercury glass beauties. Shimmering, almost iridescent glass birds add a sparkle to your tree. Set includes 6 different colors; each is 1 1/2" x 2" high. Nonpersonalized.

  • Set of 6; 1 of each
  • $12.99
    Each of these distinctive ornaments makes thoughtful gift for that special serviceperson, whether active duty or retired! Each 3 1/4" x 4 1/4" ceramic ornament is handlettered and hangs from a satiny ribbon.

  • Specify Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Army, or Air Force.
  • Specify 4-digit year.
  • Specify name up to 18 characters.
  • $12.99
    During the holiday season, be sure to thank the person who keeps your nails in perfect condition! We'll handletter one of these resin ornaments just for him or her. Ornament is about 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 4" and includes a red hanging ribbon.

    Specify name up to 10 characters.
    Handpainted resin bears are waking up for Christmas! Adorable bear cubs nestled together as stocking stuffers make a charming gift. Largest, 5" H.

    Choose from:
  • A = 2 Bears (Sold Out)
  • B = 3 Bears (Sold Out)
  • C = 4 Bears (Sold Out)
  • D = 5 Bears (Sold Out)
  • E = 6 Bears (Sold Out)
  • F = 7 Bears
  • G = 8 Bears (Sold Out)

    Specify family name or message, up to 12 characters and spaces
    Specify 2-8 names, up to 8 characters and spaces each
    Specify 4-digit year

    NOTE: First names are printed from left to right and from top to bottom, Family Name printed inside the heart.

  • $12.00
    Framed in an arched window, 3 shepherd boys gaze at the Star of Bethlehem. Engraved in great detail, this alder wood ornament reads "Christ the Savior is Born" and comes with a satin hanging ribbon. 2 1/2" x 4"; made in the USA. A lovely personal gift for friends in faith.

    Specify 1 line up to 16 characters.
    Gleaming diecut ornament takes you back to a simpler time with this snow-covered church. We'll engrave your name on the church roof. Made of gold-finished steel, it comes with a gold hanging cord. Measures about 2 1/8" x 2 3/8".

    Specify name, up to 10 characters and spaces
    You'll love giving this outstanding ornament to give that special someone a Blessings from Heaven or owning it yourself as a treasured keepsake. Clear acrylic ornament features a bisque-white dimensional sculpture of an angel praying. Bisque-white dimensional sculpture within diamond-shape acrylic on a satin ribbon. 3" x 4 1/2".

    Ornament reads: Christmas blessings from Heaven
    Gleaming diecut gift ornament features a graceful ribbon bow shape with your name engraved below. Gold-finished steel with gold hanging cord. About 2" x 2 1/2".

    Specify name, up to 10 characters and spaces
    Now: $2.99
    Add an extra splash of color to your holiday tree with our set of radiant heart ornaments. Glass hearts come in 6 different colors with matching ribbon bows. 1 1/2" x 2" high; nonpersonalized.

  • Set of 6 (1 of each Color)
  • $6.99
    Dotted and striped in rich, shiny red and snowy white, 1" glass ornaments come in an acetate storage box. Ideal for a small tree or as package tie-ons; hanging strings not included.

  • Set of 15

  • CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts.
    Keep out of reach of children under 3 years.
    The perfect gift for railroad fans, we'll print the name or message of your choice on this resin ornament. About 3 1/2" x 4".

    Specify 1 line, up to 16 characters and spaces

    Spun glass Nativity with golden accents adds sparkle to your Christmas tree. Comes in 3 assorted designs; we'll choose for you. Includes gold hanging string. 1" x 1 3/4" x 2" H. Personalization not available.
    Bring the beach, complete with flip-flops and starfish, right to your Christmas tree! Handlettered resin ornament; 4" x 5".

    Choose from:
  • A = 1 Pair of Flip-Flops
  • B = 2 Pairs of Flip-Flops
  • C = 3 Pairs of Flip-Flops
  • D = 4 Pair of Flip-Flops

  • Specify 2-8 names, up to 8 characters each.
    Specify 4-digit year for banner.
    Now: $2.99
    Glossy, 3"-diameter ornaments contain 6 blinking colored lights that last for up to 80 hours of continuous use. Lightweight and break-resistant. Matching hanging ribbon and batteries included.

  • Blue Snowman
  • Pink Princess
  • $14.99
    Daddy will feel extra loved and special with this handsome papa and kids' ornament hanging on the tree. Hand lettered resin; 2 3/4" x 3 3/4".

    Choose from:
  • A = 1 Snow-kid
  • B = 2 Snow-kids
  • C = 3 Snow-kids

  • Specify name(s) up to 8 characters each.
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    Whether your tastes are traditional or whimsical, Current catalog has a unique selection of Christmas ornaments that you will treasure for years.