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Christmas Ornaments

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4 Names 5 Names
Now: $9.99
Specify 4-digit year for star; 3-6 names up to 8 characters each; plus family name up to 18 characters. "The" is not preprinted.
Holiday nostalgia. Metal truck is coated with glitter. 3" x 6".
3 Names 4 Names 9 Names
Now: $9.99
Show off your family wisely, with a wide-eyed Christmas owl representing each one, on a branch that bears your family name! Largest family size is about
3/4"x 4" x 4".

Specify 2-9 owls with names
  • 2 names
  • 3 names
  • 4 names
  • 5 names
  • 6 names
  • 7 names
  • 8 names
  • 9 names
5 Deer 6 Deer
Now: $9.99
Move over Rudolph and pals. Our reindeer family ornament is sure to get top billing on the holiday tree. Hand lettered resin; 2-3/4" x 4-1/2".

Choose from:
  • A = 2 Reindeer
  • B = 3 Reindeer
  • C = 4 Reindeer
  • D = 5 Reindeer
  • E = 6 Reindeer
Specify reindeer names up to 8 characters each
Specify name or message for banner, up to 14 characters.
"Christmas 2014" is not preprinted
Now: $4.99
Your little one's thumbprint becomes a cute snowman or reindeer ornament to hang on the tree or give as a touching gift. Heavy card stock; includes instructions and nontoxic ink pad. Measures 2 3/4" x 3 1/2".

Note: This kit includes one snowman or reindeer ornament; we'll choose for you.
Now: $12.99
Sparkle up your Halloween decorating! Grouped in a bowl or suspended from a ribbon, smiley 1-1/4; x1-1/2" long metallic-painted glass ornaments create delight wherever they're displayed.

  • Set of 6
  • $12.99
    Now: $3.89
    Lacy resin ornaments with graceful script include organza ribbon hanger; 3" across. Gift boxed with inspirational phrase on front.


    Mother/Daughter: Mothers and daughters share a special bond that's written in the heart
    Sister: Sisters are different flowers from the same garden
    Believe: Always believe something wonderful is going to happen

    Now: $5.19
    Glazed white ceramic ornament with gold accents makes a perfect gift to celebrate any anniversary. 4" Tall.
    Now: $9.99
    Glittering handpainted resin ornament is 5" tall, personalized with your marriage year.

    Specify 4 digit year

    4 Children 5 Children
    Now: $9.99
    You'll be dreaming of a white Christmas for everyone you give this ornament to for the holidays. Fun resin ornament includes 2 adults and your choice of 1 to 5 children. Largest family is 3-1/2" x 3-3/4".

    Choose from:
    • A= 2 Adults, 1 Child
    • B = 2 Adults, 2 Children
    • C = 2 Adults, 3 Children
    • D = 2 Adults, 4 Children
    • E = 2 Adults, 5 Children

    Specify 2 names for adults, up to 8 characters and spaces each
    Specify 1 to 5 names for child(ren), up to 8 characters and spaces each
    Specify family name or message up to 2 lines, up to 10 characters and spaces each

    Now: $9.99


    Nostalgic! Crafted of polyresin and handlettered.
    Largest family size, 2-3/4" x 5"W.
    • Specify family name up to 18 characters
    • 4-digit year
    • 3-7 family member's names up to 8 characters each (all CAPS are not recommended).
    Now: $9.99
    Whimsical handpainted resin ornament captures all your family in mid-smile! About 3" x 5" (depending on family size).

    Choose from:
    • A = 3 Faces
    • B = 4 Faces
    • C = 5 Faces
    • D = 6 Faces
    • E = 7 Faces
    • F = 8 Faces

    Specify message up to 2 lines, up to 12 characters and spaces per line
    Specify from 3 to 8 names (from left to right), up to 8 characters and spaces per name

    Note: Year is not preprinted.

    Specify 3-7 names up to 8 characters each. "Our Blended Family" is preprinted.
    Sweeten up the look of your tree or gifts! Sparkle-frosted electroplated plastic cupcakes have silver hangers; 1-1/2" x 2" tall.

  • Set of 6 (3 of each)
  • $4.98
    Get 2 for the price of 1!

    Frosted glass, pearly accents, silvery hanging cord; 2-1/2" x 4" tall.

    Now: $9.99


    Limited Time! Hurry, while supplies last!

    Hand-blown glass angels add a heavenly sparkle to centerpiece, window, or shelf. A dainty 2-1/4" tall in 6 colors (1 of each); hanging strings included.

    Set of 6

    Portray your family or co-workers in the merriest way! Festive 3-dimensional ornament is crafted of sturdy resin, glitters with shimmery sparkles, hangs from a satiny ribbon, and is hand lettered with the family name (or department)
    and names you specify. Largest is 6" tall.

    Specify family (or department) name, up to 16 characters and spaces
    Specify 2 to 8 names (from left to right), up to 10 characters and spaces each

    With a flash of summer warmth, flip flop ornament adds brilliant color to your tree. Glass; 4-1/4" tall. Comes with a gold cord hanger.
    Bring the beach, complete with flip-flops and starfish, right to your Christmas tree! Handlettered resin ornament; 4" x 5".

    Choose from:
  • A = 1 Pair of Flip-Flops
  • B = 2 Pairs of Flip-Flops
  • C = 3 Pairs of Flip-Flops (Sold Out)
  • D = 4 Pair of Flip-Flops (Sold Out)

  • Specify 2-8 names, up to 8 characters each.
    Specify 4-digit year for banner.
    Now: $5.49
    Inspirational ornaments are designed with a little something extra for loved ones. I Said A Prayer ornament features a prayer imprinted on the back. Candy Cane ornament is imprinted with the candy cane legend. Each boxed 33/4"H ornament comes with ribbon, ready to hang.

    Choose from:

  • Legend of the Candy Cane
    A candy maker found a way To share the joy of Christmas Day. He found that he could best explain His message with a Candy Cane. He painted it with stripes of red To represent the blood Christ shed; The white to show His purity And Mary’s own virginity. He shaped the sweet into a J, Then turned it round the other way And it became a shepherd’s staff, Of one who died on our behalf. So when you see this Christmas treat Whose message is as true as sweet, Take a moment to explain The Legend of the Candy Cane.

  • I Said a Prayer
    I said a prayer for you, as Christmas Day drew near, that God would bless you richly throughout the coming year. I did not ask for Him to send you gifts of worldly wealth; but prayed that He would fill your life with peace and joy and health. I asked that you would know His love; be comforted in strife, seek wisdom and His guidance, and have abundant life. God sent His Son at Christmas, that happiest of days, and most of all I pray that you will walk with Him always.
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    Whether your tastes are traditional or whimsical, Current catalog has a unique selection of Christmas ornaments that you will treasure for years.