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New & Exclusive
White envelopes; 5" x 7". Printed in the USA.

  • Set of 8
  • Sentiments:

    1) Outside: Get Well
    Inside: Sending bunches of get-well wishes.
    2) Outside: Thinking of you
    Inside: Hoping you’re soon in the bloom of good health.
    3) Outside: Feel Better
    Inside: Sending healing thoughts your way.
    4) Outside: Ouch!
    Inside: Hope you know others are thinking of you. Get Well Soon.

    Now: $4.00
    When someone is ill or injured, knowing that someone cares can help! With one of these beautiful floral cards, you'll be able to send a get-well "hug" right to the recipient's mailbox. White envelopes; 5" x 7". Printed in the USA.

  • Set of 8; 2 of each design

  • $4.99
    Ailing friends or loved ones will feel as if you sent them a real bouquet of flowers with this beautiful set of cards accented with gold foil. White envelopes; 5" x 7". Printed in the USA.

  • Set of 8; 2 of each design

  • Sentiments

    White Flowers
    Front: Wishing You...
    Inside: ...brighter days ahead. Get Well Soon

    Yellow Flowers
    Front: Get Well Soon
    Inside: Thinking of you, today and always...and hoping you feel better soon.

    Blue Flowers
    Front: Warm Wishes
    Inside: Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon.

    Purple Flowers
    Front: To Bring You Cheer
    Inside: Just a note to say, "I'm thinking about you." Please Get Well Soon
    New & Exclusive
    Now: $4.00
    Canary envelopes; 5" x 7". Printed in the USA.

    Set of 8

    ©Bethany Berndt-Shackleford, Licensed by Suzanne Cruise


    1) Outside: Sending cheer
    Inside: …and hoping you’ll feel better soon.
    2) Outside: time to take care!
    Inside: Because you are cherished by so many.
    3) Outside: You're in my thoughts today.
    Inside: Hope you’re feeling better soon.
    4) Outside: Sending A Wish
    Inside: for brighter days ahead.

    Set of 8 (2 of each). White envelopes; 5" x 7". Printed in the USA.


    1) Front: With God is my safety and my glory, he is the rock of my strength; my refuge is in God. PSALM 62:8
    Inside: You're in my heart today.
    2) Front: Only in God be at rest, my soul, for from him comes my hope. He only is my rock and salvation. PSALM 62:6-7
    Inside: May you be showered with comfort and peace today and always.
    3) Front: But as for me, to be near God is my good; To make the Lord God my refuge. PSALM 73:28
    Inside: The Lord is with you, He walked with you before: He carries you now.
    4) Front: Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3: 5-6
    Inside: May you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

    Now: $4.00
    Lilac envelopes; 5" x 7". Printed in the USA.

    ©Kersten Brothers Studios

  • Set of 8; 2 of each design


    Inside: What better reason to get well soon!

    Inside: Hurry up & get well soon!

    Inside: What better reason to get well soon!

    Inside: What better reason to get well soon!!!

  • $14.99
    Now: $11.99
    Touching assortment of sympathy cards reach out to those who grieve. Floral and nature images and sensitive, thoughtful sentiments provide comfort . 5" x 7"; white envelopes.

  • Set of 40 (2 of each)
  • Sentiments:

    1. Front: One life touches so many.
    Inside: May treasured memories bring comfort.

    2. Front: In deepest sympathy
    Inside: Sharing loving memories with you.

    3. Front: We may never know how far one person's love has spread, but we know how that love has graced us. And we will treasure that knowledge forever.
    Inside: With Our Love and Sympathy

    4. Front: Some things will never be understood this side of heaven. Certainly your loss is one of those things.
    Inside: Please know how much we care.

    5. Front: The beauty of love never fades.
    Inside: It lives on - an everlasting source of strength and peace. With Love and Sympathy

    6. Front: Reaching out to you...
    Inside: in this time of sorrow. With Love and Sympathy

    7. Front: In this time of sorrow...may you be comforted by the kindness of those who love you.
    Inside: With Love and Sympathy

    8. Front: As time helps you to heal, please remember how often you are thought of, how much you are loved.
    Inside: Sharing in your sorrow at the loss of someone so special.

    9. Front: To Comfort You
    Inside: Hoping it helps to know that others share in your sorrow. Thinking of You with Sympathy

    10. Front: Words cannot express all the heart longs to say.
    Inside: Your loss is heartbreaking. May it comfort you to know that all who care for you are surrounding you with love. With Heartfelt Sympathy

    You'll find the perfect sentiments to wish your loved ones well in this wonderfully colored set! The caring sentiments are sure to make men and women, adults and kids feel better instantly. White envelopes. 5" x 7".

  • 8-card set; 2 of each design

    Card sentiments:

    Front: Sending cheer, caring thoughts, lots of love, and more to you.
    Inside: And hoping you'll feel much better real soon.

    Front: Hope it helps to know warm, healing thoughts are being sent your way.
    Inside: Please feel better day by day.

    Front: Take time to take care of YOU because you are so cherished by so many.
    Inside: Bunches of get-well wishes to you today.

    Front: That you'll be comfortable and relaxed as you wait to get better...
    Inside: These are my heartfelt, healing hopes for you.

  • Exclusive
    Folk art-look angels feature friendly, everyday faces, and they bring hearts and flowers to share with your friends and family members who may need a bit of cheer as they recover. The set comes with white envelopes; cards are
    5" x 7" each and include Scripture.

  • Set of 8 (2 of each)
  • Sentiments

    Purple Angel
    Front: Sending a prayer...
    Inside: You're in my thoughts and prayers and wished a speedy recovery.
    Scripture: The Lord is my light and my salvation...the Lord is the strength of my life. Psalm 27:1 KJV

    Blue Angel
    Front: A happy heart is one part sunshine, one part love.
    Inside: Sending you love and wishes for brighter days.
    Scripture: My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest. Exodus 33:14

    Pink Angel
    Front: To Brighten Your Day
    Inside: Please take care of yourself and feel better soon!
    Scripture: Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you. John 14:27 KJV

    Green Angel
    Front: This world needs your smile.
    Inside: Rest, relax, and feel better soon!
    Scripture: Come unto Me, all ye that...are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 KJV

    Be prepared to send flowers or a smiling face – on a quality greeting card! – to an ailing friend. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated. White envelopes; 5" x 7". Printed in the USA.

  • Set of 20; 2 of each design

    Please see "More Info" box below for the card sentiments.

  • New & Exclusive
    Garden-fresh wishes for renewed health and strength will lighten the load of anyone who's feeling under the weather. Encouraging sentiments add to each card's uplifting beauty. Light green envelopes; 5" x 7".

  • Set of 8 (2 of each)

  • ©Andrea Tachiera

    1) Wishing you sunny smiles and happy thoughts to warm your day!
    2) Wishing you sunshine and flowers and brighter days ahead. Get Well Soon
    3) ...Just a note to say, I'm thinking about you...Hope you're feeling better
    4) Sending a garden of get well wishes. Please Feel Better Soon

    Send healing thoughts and get well wishes from our great variety of get well cards. Help your friends, family and loved ones recover quicker with a thoughtful gesture. Stock up on other card sets with our greeting card value packs!