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Strengthening the Grandparent/Grandchild Relationship

November 28th, 2012 | Posted by Current in How to Say It

The close bond between a grandparent and his/her grandchild is a unique one that grows over decades and has special qualities that no other relationship has. When a grandparent looks into his grandchild’s eyes, he is looking into his own child’s eyes, also. This creates an overwhelming feeling of love and is one of the most anticipated moments of a parent’s life—the day he/she became a grandparent!

You can create deep and loving relationships with your grandchildren by sharing things you like and by learning about the things they enjoy. Current Catalog has some suggestions on how to foster this special relationship between grandparent and grandchild  This link goes to Friendship Cards, not sure how that relates to this topic.  whether you live close or are thousands of miles away. Here are some specific things Grandparents can do to ensure years of wonderful times and memories with the grandchildren:

  1. Share examples of people and things you’re passionate about with your grandchildren. Think of all the stories you have from your own childhood and explain a time to them that they’ll only read about in history books. What did you experience that they never will? What are some of the fondest memories of your past? What are some of your favorite things about your own children?
  2. See the world through your grandchild’s eyes. Seeing things from a young, innocent perspective may change the way you feel about certain people, events, activities or places. Strengthen Grandparent/Grandchild Bond
  3. Experience what your grandchild is passionate about, even if it’s something you’re not particularly interested in like video games or comic books or a certain kind of music.
  4. Offers lots of love, support and encouragement to your grandchildren in all their endeavors. If you have expertise in any area they’re interested in, then, by all means, share your wisdom. You may bring a new perspective to something they’ve not thought about on their own.
  5. Try to guide them in the right direction to avoid some of life’s pitfalls. If you see your grandchild headed down a dangerous road, speak up and share your thoughts. You can tenderly give advice and guidance without sending pedantic and judgmental. Any advice you can offer based on first-hand knowledge will be especially helpful. Kids are more open to hearing advice from people who “have been there and done that” than those who have no idea what they’re talking about.
  6. Provide input their parents cannot. Regardless of the topic, if you know something your own children do not, offer up some advice. If it’s of a very serious nature such as religion, interpersonal relationships and academic progress, be sure to consult with the child’s parents before making any decisions or taking any action they may not approve of.

Grandparent/Grandchild bond


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