5 Kid- Friendly Easter Party Ideas

March 19th, 2014 | Posted by CurrentCatalog in Special Occasions - (Comments Off)

Easter is a great time to throw a fun, themed party for your kids. If you need some help getting the party started, check out these 5 cool kid- friendly Easter party ideas. Egg Relay Race Set up a relay race obstacle course and let the fun begin! Have each child hold the handle of …
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12 Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids

March 17th, 2014 | Posted by CurrentCatalog in Special Occasions - (Comments Off)
indoor easter egg hunt ideas

If the weather isn’t cooperating on Easter, there’s no need to cancel the egg hunt. Just bring it indoors! The great news is, there are plenty of indoor Easter egg hunt ideas that are just as exciting – if not more so. Here are 12 ideas to get you started. Put clues inside plastic eggs, …
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5 Ways for Moms to Support Our Troops This Year

March 14th, 2014 | Posted by CurrentCatalog in Special Occasions - (Comments Off)

Whether you’re a dedicated military spouse or the mother of an active or former troop member, there are many ways for moms to support our troops this year, all year round! With Mother’s Day coming up, surprisingly, many moms are seeking a way to give back, more than they are looking forward to receiving gifts …
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Wardrobe Organization Ideas, Tips and Tricks

March 11th, 2014 | Posted by CurrentCatalog in Uncategorized - (Comments Off)

If opening your closet is more terrifying and confusing than opening Pandora’s box, these quick wardrobe organization ideas can help. Review and assess. Before diving into the organizational process, dive into an honest review. Donate anything you know you’ll never need or wear. Hang up scarves, ties and other accessories. Go for a few an …
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4 More Occasions for Giving Greeting Cards

March 8th, 2014 | Posted by CurrentCatalog in Keeping in Touch - (Comments Off)

We all send cards for occasions like birthdays, holidays, weddings and graduations. But, there are many other times when friends or family would enjoy recognition of special days or achievements. Consider these other occasions for greeting cards to add a bright spot to a loved one’s day: A New Job or Promotion Surprise a friend …
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10 Fun Things to Include in Treat Bags

March 6th, 2014 | Posted by CurrentCatalog in Party Themes - (Comments Off)

No birthday party is complete without a goodie bag for guests to take home at the end. Make the contents of the treat bag match the theme of the party or fill them with fun toys for kids. If you’re stuck, here are a few ideas for things to include in treat bags. 1. Friendship …
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You can use tissue paper for more than just decorating a parade float. You can make various kinds of decorations with tissue paper quickly and easily for weddings, birthday parties and Halloween. 1. Party Hats You can let your child’s party guests create their own party hats using tissue paper and items you can find …
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Nothing makes tax time simpler—or less expensive–than being able to quickly and easily check an organized collection of receipts to ensure you’re able to take every deduction you deserve. While deciding how to store receipts so that you can make sense of twelve months’ worth of tiny paper scraps might seem daunting, there are some …
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5 Easy Ways for Moms to be More Green

February 24th, 2014 | Posted by CurrentCatalog in Household Helpers - (Comments Off)

If everyone makes small, green actions daily, we can have a positive impact on the earth for future generations. Even just using a chalkboardto communicate with one another as opposed to individual pieces of paper reduces your family’s carbon footprint. There are ways to be more green and reduce your family’s carbon footprint. 1. Purchase …
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Fun and Creative Uses for Stickers

February 20th, 2014 | Posted by CurrentCatalog in Unique Stationery - (Comments Off)

Every child loves adhering stickers to just about anything. As a parent, you can take advantage of this in numerous ways. Stickers are inexpensive and available in unlimited designs, making them the perfect tool for parents. Below are five uses for stickers that you may not have thought of. 1. Make a Chart for Homework/Goals …
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