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How to Organize Greeting Cards

November 28th, 2012 | Posted by Current in Unique Stationery

Arts and crafts websites are abundant on the Internet, so there are lots of very creative ideas out there for how to organize greeting cards right at your fingertips. Have you ever thought about making a greeting card organizer to manage your vast selection of greeting cards for every occasion? It’s easy to make and will save you lots of time in the long run. With a greeting card organizer, you will be able to find the greeting card you need quickly and will be able to keep track of inventory, so you know what type of greeting cards you need to order from Current Catalog.

How to Make a Greeting Card Organizer

All you need to make a stunning greeting card organizer is six 2-pocket folders, a hole punch and 3 pieces of ribbon, any color you like. First, punch three holes down the sides of your pocket folders, making sure the holes are in the exact same place. If they are not lined up exactly, you won’t be able to create this handy-dandy greeting card manager. Once the holes are made, stack the folders together and tie your scrap ribbons to form a book. Label each folder with two months as in “Jan/Feb,” “March/April” and so on. Each side pocket of the folder will hold cards for those particular months. You can also organize your cards by holiday such as a Thanksgiving folder, Christmas folder,  Halloween folder and so on. Keep your greeting card organizer in a safe place, mark special occasions on your Current office calendar and you’re all set. If you’re prone to forget to send cards out on time, be sure to include a “Belated” folder in your greeting card book!

Purge, Sort and Store Your Greeting Cards

Another suggestion for how to organize greeting cards is to utilize the general organization procedure known in the business as “Purge, Sort, Store.” Whether you’re cleaning out closets, the home office space or organizing greeting cards, this method is quick, easy and costs absolutely nothing.

To purge, gather up your greeting cards, envelopes, address labels and all other appropriate items. Then, take each item and decide if it’s worth keeping. Ask yourself, “Is this card in good condition,” and “Is it outdated,” to help lighten the load. Don’t keep something that you think the recipient would find unattractive or tattered looking. As you make decisions, separate the items out into a “Keep” pile and a “Trash” pile (and a “Recycle” pile, if applicable). When you’re done, be sure to take the trash out and recycle the pall that hard work of purging.

To sort, focus on the cards you have left after the purge process, and separate the leftover items into piles such as “birthday cards,” “sympathy cards,” “Christmas cards,” and “thank you cards.” Once all the cards are in a pile, you are ready to store them.

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Need ideas about how to organize greeting cards you’ve collected over the years? Create a greeting card organizer book or undertake the Purge, Sort and Store method to get those cards organized for the coming months.

Organize Your Greeting CardsHow to Organize Greeting Cards

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