Tissue Flowers Package Topper
Supplies used:

  • Tissue Value Pack

    Create your own garden - Whether you have a green thumb or you're all thumbs, you can easily create a garden of gossamer blooms. All you need is our tissue value pack, scissors, double-stick tape, and a little imagination.

    Rose: Fold a 4" x 12" strip of pink tissue in half, lengthwise. Roll from one end, gathering at bottom to the end. Secure at bottom with tape.

    Blue and Yellow Daisies: Fold a 4" x 8" strip of tissue in half widthwise, three times. Cut points on each end. Unfold, gather at center, lengthwise. Fold side up, secure at bottom with tape.

    Leaves: Cut a 4" x 12" strip of green gingham tissue. Accordion fold, cut points on one side, unfold. Gather at bottom and secure to form nest, tuck and tape flowers inside.