Blouse Box
Supplies used:

  • Spring Colors Tissue Paper
  • Curling Ribbon Value Pack

    Buttons, glue, gift wrap.

    Wrap package with solid-color tissue. Cut 2 strips of tissue in a contrasting color to make stripes on "blouse" tape to package. Cut 2 narrower strips of patterned stripes from your favorite gift wrap and tape them on top of tissue stripes.

    Cut out a collar shape from white tissue. Cut scalloped edges and punch a hole in each scallop, using a plain or decorative paper punch. Tape collar to top edge of box. Make several loops of curling ribbon; gather and tie in center to make a bow. Tape to box in center of collar; tape or glue a button in the center of the bow.

    Use foam dots to attach buttons down the center of the box. Or, instead of buttons, you can cut out flower shapes from the gift wrap and attach them with foam dots.